To make a blank comic in Google docs, just open up a new blank document and go up to “insert”.  If you click on “table” you can put blank squares in the document.  Click in a square and hit enter a few times, and now it’s big enough to draw in!  Make all the squares big, print it out, and start drawing!

Here’s the link for the superhero maker from Marvel.  You can make a character based on Spiderman, Iron Man, or the Guardians of the Galaxy!  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to let you save normally, but if you hit the button on the keyboard that says “PrtSc” it copies a picture of your whole screen. Then just paste it in any photo program and you can crop out your hero to use in your own comics!

Making blank comic panels:

Session 2

Hey guys, happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone is doing well and getting outside, especially with how nice it’s been the last few days!  Today I’m going to show you the Marvel superhero maker, because what kind of comic doesn’t have a hero or a main character?!  And who doesn’t love Marvel these days.  I’m also going to show you how to make blank comic book panels in Google Docs so that you can print them out and draw your own comics while we’re stuck at home.

Comics with Mr. Alex