Crafter's Corner

Draw a horse

Hand Drawn Selfies 

Make a Galaxy Painting

Make a Rainbow Tree




something to color with (crayons) 

1) fold paper in half like a hot dog.

2) unfold and draw an outline of your head (the line should go down the middle of your head), neck and shoulders. make sure to make this big and use your space. then draw in a back ground.

3) fold paper back up and add the parts of your face to one side (1 eye, nose and half of your mouth). then add color.

4) flip your folded paper over you will see the blank side of your head and background. color in ONLY the background.

5) take your pencil and add as many words that you can think of to the inside of your head/ neck/ shoulder. 

6) unfold and  Vola! you have made a hand drawn selfie!


Woven Fish​

Draw a Bunny

Draw a cat

Make a Cute Turtle