Robotics Competition in Singapore

Lego Robotics with    Mr. Alex

Session 1

Quick DIY Spider Robot

They use some different sets, but check out what other kids around the world have made using Lego robotics! 

Quick Lego Activities

​Check here for weekly lego activities you can do at home!

Week of 4/6

Lego Marble Run:

make a “plinko” style game out of a few Legos and a marble!

Lego Balance:

make a balance and learn a bit about mass and density!


Talk to your parents about doing this one together! You can often find small motors in old broken toys. Never experiment with electricity without a parent's permission and supervision

Monday 4/6

Hey guys! Today I'll show you another cool website, and then we'll take a look at a robotics competition in Singapore and a neat little robot you can make at home. There's also a few neat Lego activities