Robotics Competition in Singapore

Session 1

Quick Lego Activities

​Check here for weekly lego activities you can do at home!

Week of 4/6

Lego Marble Run:

make a “plinko” style game out of a few Legos and a marble!

Lego Balance:

make a balance and learn a bit about mass and density!


Talk to your parents about doing this one together! You can often find small motors in old broken toys. Never experiment with electricity without a parent's permission and supervision

Monday 4/6

Hey guys! Today I'll show you another cool website, and then we'll take a look at a robotics competition in Singapore and a neat little robot you can make at home. There's also a few neat Lego activities

Lego Robotics with    Mr. Alex

Quick DIY Spider Robot

They use some different sets, but check out what other kids around the world have made using Lego robotics!