Celebrate Earth Day 4/21/2020 

March 31: They were planted in 2 separate containers: one for group N and the other group P. The containers were then placed in an indoor greenhouse for germination.

April 1: No change yet

April 2/3: No change yet, waiting for seeds to germinate

Ms. Leuth's Homework Lab 


April 17th: 
Group N: average height is 2 inches. there are 11 plants growing. the tallest is just over 3 inches and shortest is just under 1 inch. They have been receiving direct sunlight and breeze on my porch for about 5 hours a day. and light from the grow light for about 2 hours each night in the green house.

Group P: average height is 2.1 inches. There are 7 plants growing. The tallest is 3.5 inches and shortest is 1 inch. The have been receiving direct sunlight and a breeze on my porch for about 5 hours a day, and light from the grow light about 2 hour each night in the green house. 

Both groups were planted on March 31 (so just over 2 weeks ago) it will take another 4 to 6 weeks before they start producing any tomatoes. I look forward to keep sharing this journey with you all.   

April 23: Space tomatoes have all died due to a great wind that toppled their planter over. We will try again in the fall.


Thanks to Mr. Scott, who was able to recover the seeds from WPS, we are once again able to grow or attempt to grow space tomatoes! Check back for weekly updates! 

Take 5 Grounding Walk

Start by walking slowly, breathing in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. Then, slowly bring your awareness to naming:

Five things you see.
Four things you could touch.
Three things you hear.
Two things you smell.
One emotion you feel.

Repeat as desired for the duration of your walk. When you're finished, stop and stand still, taking a few moments to breathe slowly as you stand at rest.

April 10th: With the addition of a grow light they are growing well. Average height is 2 inches for both groups. Had to do some thinning so the strongest plants could survive. 

April 6th: First sprouts!